Energy created from the Sunscape Renewable Energy project will go directly onto the local electrical grid, providing the surrounding area and the state of Texas with homegrown energy. This project increases American energy independence, boosts the local economy, and creates jobs.


Along with creating a more secure and reliable energy grid that supports the local economy, Sunscape Renewable Energy will generate tax revenue to support the community, create more jobs, and add new long-term revenue streams for local landowners. This project will create approximately 500 new jobs during construction as well as additional long-term opportunities once operational. Local vendors and businesses will be utilized when possible to bring even more money directly into the local economy. The construction period also brings an increase in local spending including hotels, grocery storages, restaurants, gas stations, and other vendors.


It is expected that local school districts will be one of the direct beneficiaries of funding from Sunscape Renewable Energy’s tax revenue - which will result in millions of new dollars over the life of the project.


Solar projects preserve the agricultural character of the community. Solar energy projects also allow landowners to preserve their family land for future generations who may choose to return the land to ranching or to harvest the sun once the project comes to the end of its useful life.


Utility-scale solar has little to no impact on the underlying land. Drainage is maintained or redesigned to allow for proper water control. Grading and compaction are minimal, and the topsoil is preserved. In addition, solar energy facilities are a great neighbor. They don’t create air pollution, odors, contaminated water, or nuisance sounds.


Sunscape Renewable Energy is committed to developing a visual screening plan which adheres to state and local rules. Development of these plans would include consideration of the most appropriate plants for the area.


Sunscape Renewable Energy leases include decommissioning requirements on leased land. Additionally, Sunscape will create an overall decommissioning plan to ensure the removal of all equipment at the end of the project’s life. Once the equipment is removed, the land can be returned to its original condition.


Sunscape Renewable Energy is exploring the use of revegetating areas disturbed during construction with pollinator-friendly plants that can have a positive impact on neighboring harvest yields and overall ecosystem health.


Solar projects require no water to operate, although some water may be used from time to time to clean dust from the panels to ensure they produce the maximum amount of clean energy possible. For this reason, they’re a great way for landowners to earn steady, long-term income without using precious local water resources.

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